The Ackermans

The Ackermans are seriously some awesome folks. Working with them earlier this year was like having a private concert just for myself. They would would start singing and I would get so lost in the moment of just listening to them that I would almost forget that I was there to work. Those few hours together were just pure magic for me. Kipper is the harpist behind The Sounds of Grace, a non-profit organization dealing with music therapy. Please do follow the link over to their website and check out all of the wonderful things they do. If you're in the Sumter, SC area, they also have concerts throughout the year featuring many talented musicians from the area. It's such a treat!

Amanda : an artist session

I've known Amanda since we were wee things in elementary school. She is now the creative force behind the art education department at the Sumter County Gallery of Art. I was beyond thrilled to help her out with some photo work that she could use for her personal artist website. Amanda has more talent in her little pinky than my crafty heart could ever dream of. I could have stayed all day and tinkered with her work spaces if she would have let me.

Tregea & Kyle get married

I'm probably oversharing pictures here, yet it barely touches the amount I really wanted to share. I hope no one gets a hand injury from scrolling. I was one lucky person to spend a few various days with Tregea and Kyle. By the time their wedding rolled around, I felt like I was watching a few old friends start a new chapter of their lives together. Speaking of chapters, Kyle read the Twilight series as a way to impress Tregea when they first met because a friend had told him she was into them. She wasn't, but that was some serious dedication to get a girls attention. I wish them a lot of love and years of reading with one another.